Living Well Labs

Living Well Labs is proud to provide practice solutions in all avenues including analgesics, web, video, and patient educaion to the chiropractic profession.  We have production offices all over the country and are proud to be the leader in quality Chiropractic products.
Our Return Policy:  All orders placed will require a 15% restocking fee and must be returned within 30 days, in order for a credit to begin.  There are no refunds, company credits only.  DVD's and CD's are non-returnable and all products purchased are considered final sales.

Our Replacement Policy:  To request a replacement copy of one of our products that you have misplaced, lost, had stolen or something of similar circumstance,  we will replace the product at a 50% discount if the product was purchased within the past two years.  If it has been longer than that since you have made the purchase, then we will charge the full price.   If the cd is defective at the time of purchase, then we will continue to replace those at no charge as long as we are notified within a 10 business days (shipping and handling not included).
To make a replacement  request please contact us at (800) 540-1674.
To contact us at any time:
Living Well Labs
8135 South 15 Street
Lincoln, NE   68512
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